Clientele Information

Abay Insurance S.C. has developed a sustainable business relationship with a range of clients by exerting all its efforts towards the achievement of utmost service. It believes that provision and excellence in service matters a lot and is dedicated in managing customer relations. The below listed are few of our customers and sample mega projects for the purpose of referencing.


Sample Clients

Abay Bank S.C.

Tikur Abay Transport S.C.

Ambasel Trading House Plc

Amhara Credit and Saving Institution

Dashen Brewery S.C.

Enat Bank S.C.

Tiret Corporate

Amhara Water Works Construction Enterprise

Amhara Design and Control Organization

Gondar Malt Factory

Tana Flora Plc

Bekelcha Transport S.C.

Amhara Region Urban Development and Construction

Amhara Development Association

Amhara Road Works Enterprise

CGC Overseas Construction Ethiopia Ltd.

China First Highway Engineering Ltd.

China CAMC Engineering Ltd.

China Communication Construction Company (CCCC)

Debub Jember Public Transport Association

Sina Construction Plc

MIRAG Transport Plc

Altabe Plc

Mambuk Trading& Logistics Plc


Nile Source Plc

Markan Trading Plc

Al ASAB General Construction

Star Pipe & Fitting Factory

Henok & Family General Business

Ten Day Belt General Trading Plc

China Gezhoba Group Companies(CGGC)

New Generation HR&Logistics Plc

SA Construction Company

Powercon Plc

Senselet Construcion Plc

Dina Gezahegn Import Export

Albar Trading Plc

Dire Micro Finance

The Kaizen Company-USAID

Qatar Airways

East Africa Emergency Services

CIFA ONLUS International

AECOM International Development

Jewish Voice International Ministries-Ethiopia

Healing Hands of Joy

Gaia Association

Addis Guzo

Jemanesh Plc

Ethiopian Electrometer

Gafat Endowment



Sample Mega Projects Insured

Project Name


Sum /Value Insured

Bonga-Amiye-Chida Road Upgrading Project

CGC Overseas Construction Ethiopia Ltd.

ETB 969,060,819.31

Dessie-Kutaber-Tenta Road Upgrading Project

China First Highway Engineering Ltd.

ETB 1,777,391,409.00

Injibara-Chagni-Pawi Road Pjt.

CGC Overseas Construction Ethiopia Ltd.

ETB 2,283,309,548.60

Genale Dawa III,Yirgalem-II,Wolayita Sodo II,Hawassa II Power Transmission Project

China CAMC Engineering Ltd.

ETB 1,022,447,998.70

EL-Kuran III Oil Exploration

New Age(African Global Energy) Ltd.

ETB 3,296,322,020.00

Welkite Irrigation Project

Netafim Ltd/Baran International Ltd.

ETB 4,190,402,224.81